Entry #22: Speechless

One of the sign that I thought was due to depression was lack of communication or not talking, at all. Ever since I was a teenager, there were time where I don’t feel like talking at all. Opening my mouth seems like a lot of work. So, I just keep quiet until I feel like talking. Back then, I thought this is due to my depression. Why? At the same time, I feel demotivated, want to be alone, isolating myself from other, refuse to go to school and emotionless. The funny thing about that, there is no depressed or sad word on that list.

Back then, I can go days without talking to anyone. Not now though. Now I can go weeks or months with speaking a single word to anyone. If I need to tell something to someone, most probably my family, I just texted them. It’s annoying huh? Trust me. It ain’t fun for me either.


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