Entry #15: “Gastric” Attack

Few night ago, I was in a car with my sister’s family just cruising around the town cause I’m too depressed. Lately, I’ve been having this weird chest pain where I feel my chest being pressed really hard and I’m having difficulty to breathe. I never paid too much attention to it as I thought it was nothing. That night, when I was sitting calmly in my sister’s car, I started to feel the pain again, together with a massive headache. Every second, the pains getting more intense. So I requested that we drive back home.

As we on our way home, the pains make my head feels like spinning like crazy. I’m trying my best to keep in control because I feel like I’m about to passed out. The head pain remind me a lot of the headache that I had after having ECT. While the chest pain was getting more unbearable. I thought maybe I was dying. It feels like I was dying from all the pain.

As we reaches home, I asked my sister to help me to get from her car to my bed. I was dizzy and can’t walk properly. My niece and nephew was really scared when they saw me acting that way. I started to cry as I feel so hopeless and I’m freaking out. I don’t know what that was. I never experienced anything like that before.

When I reached my bed, the pains started to go away and I begin to feel calmer. However, the chest pain is still there. So, I just go to bed.

When I woke up, the chest pain is still there but less intense. So my sister forced me to go to clinic to get a doctor opinion. I refused but she insisted. When we were at the clinic, the doctor asked me to go to the emergency department at any hospital immediately. When we get there, they did few tests to see whether my heart is OK. I did some ECG, blood tests and XRay. After waiting for a long time, the doctor finally came and said nothing wrong with my heart. That was a relief. However, he suggested that it’s maybe a gastric pain acting up. I was like, seriously? I know gastric pain since I was 5, and that is not it? I feel extremely furious. Come on! Is that all you can get? Gastric pain? WTF!

So, to all medical doctors out there: I know getting a medical degree is extremely hard. But, just because you have a MD, it doesn’t mean you know everything. Nobody knows everything except God. If you don’t know anything, ask! Please! Do ask! That is how we learn. If you don’t have the answer, just be honest and don’t make an assumption. What you said will make a huge affect to someone life. Just because I had ECTs, it doesn’t mean I a retard.

Btw, I just had another “Gastric” attack an hour ago and I’m not hungry.


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