Entry #8: Illness and Friendship 

Human are trickery and unpredictable thing. They can be nice, kindhearted or they can be selfish and cruel. I’m not sure which one I am, but I’m hoping I’m a good person. To some people, I am a bad person, but I really hope they are wrong.

I think if we want to know how someone as a friend, try to have a disability or an illness. With that disadvantage, we will have one advantage: to see the real meaning of friendship.

As for me, a person with bipolar disorder, I have lost many friends over the years. Till now, I’m still blaming myself for chasing them away. It shows that I not a good person as I thought I was. However, I managed to make more friends than I lose. Some of them I never met in person, but they are a wonderful person, and I’m thankful to know them.

Life is never fair. Life is cruel. But with a great friends, you won’t care about that.


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