Entry #7: Mental Institutionalised 

Some people said if you are sick or poor, it will be an eyes opener to you. I would have to disagree. Try to be admitted at a mental institution/hospital, then you will know how much you are worth to other people.

Honestly, I’m heartbroken. None of my friends or my extended family members came and pay a visit while I was in the mental hospital. Well, it’s OK if they didn’t come and visit, but at least ask my family members on how am I doing. That is fine with me.

When I was at the hospital, the condition was quite strict. We were locked in our ward. The toilet have only doors without any locks what so ever. No drapes at the windows etc. Dont get me started with the food. We were given two meals a day. Both meals are the same; rice and chicken soup. That’s it.

However, nobody in that place stares at you. None! No one judge you and everyone mind their own business. People outside may lable us as crazy persons, but all of people in the ward are well behaved.

No matter how bad the conditions at that place, nothing compare to what my friends and family didn’t do to me. I’m heartbroken and I dont know whether I can forgive any of them. People said God is fair. If it is true, let’s wait and see. I want them to feel what they did to me. I really hope so.


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